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The RV Doctor passed away!

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I am sorry to hear about this loss to the community and especially his family. I am new to the site so I don't know much about him, but his name  "RV Doctor" indicates to me, he was a very important part of this group and will be sorely missed. 

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I was saddened over this news. I knew Gary very well as we spent a lot of time together at FMCA rallys. He trained technicians, gave a lot of seminars, appeared in magazine articles, was a monthly columnist for the FMCA magazine and did some You Tube channel work as well as TV.  We consulted back and forth on tech issues and spent a lot of time talking and texting about instruments as we were both musicians.

He was a huge supporter of our companies and the products we carried.  This was a huge loss to the FMCA organization as well as RV'ers all across the country. I know my next FMCA rally will be less fun without Gary at our booth. I know the FMCA staff is devastated as well as Gary was a fixture at the big rally's.

May God hold his family close during this tragic time.

( Pictured below is Gary and his family ).


Gary Bunzer.jpg

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