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Tip on removing compartment doors

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I do not know how wide spread this is on Monaco coaches but it applies on our 2006 Diplomat. When taking off one of the compartment doors I had difficulty finding the proper bit. When you look at the screws that hold the hinge to the coach and the door they appear to be Torx.

A T-15 is to small and a T-20 is to large. I also tried Bristol wrenches and could not find a fit there. On a hunch I tried a #2 square drive and it works perfectly.


Bay door hinge.jpg

Bay door screw is not Torx.jpg

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6 hours ago, Onthego said:

Ok Bob why have you removed the compartment door ? 


Hi Rich old buddy, long time no see. Hope you and Joan and all your family are staying safe. At church they talk about taking care of shut-ins but I never thought I would be one🙂.

I have taken the door off to do a little body and fender repair. Last October one of those no freeze faucets that rises about two feet above the ground ran into my compartment door. With this no-travel thing in place I thought it would be a good time to undertake the task.


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