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Painting Recommendation

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The clear coat on the front and rear cap and sides along roof are peeling.  Looking for a reasonable Paint shop on West Coast to repair this. 

I could live with paint without clear coat if it was a close match to existing, just looking for a good job at reasonable cost.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Darrell Terry

2004 Beaver

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I have the same issue and am also on west coast. I am considering painting from the beltline up white. I saw another coach that had done this and it wasn’t all the bad. Below is a pic of the coach. Not sure who’s it is.



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Last year at this time I had my 40' 2006 Windsor and 25' trailer also painted at Navarro Brothers in Mexico as mentioned by daleleahrv in above post.

Did it in all one color, Las Vegas Gold. Removed all decals and logos. Same with the trailer. Looks great! Get lots of favorable comments. Folks like the clean look without all the graphics. Will never look out of date. 

They had it 2 months and did a fantastic job! I visited once and saw how they sanded everything down, removed all the thermal checking cracks. It's been a year and still looks great.

Estimates in the USA were around 30k+. Navarro did it for 14k. I was so pleased I gave them another 1k.

They have been there 45 years and have an excellent reputation.

If you get serious, message me directly and I'll provide their USA cell numbers and give you a few tips about crossing the border and getting back.

If you want to speak directly, I'll provide my cell number.

Gary K



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I had ours done by Rickie Mackin 4 years ago. He is located in Eugene,Or. All black. $1800.00. He would have carried the original design thru the radius for another $400 or $500.00. He ran one of Monaco's paint shops for many years. It still looks good. We live in southern Ca. Our coach is parked on the west side of our home uncovered when not in use. it takes a beating from the sun but the paint and clear coat seem to be holding up. I have a phone # if anyone might be interested in attempting to contact him.


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Thanks - I Googled and found him on Commercial St. in Eugene.

I sent an Email requesting information and rough estimate with  pictures of our RV to be forwarded.

Did you just drop off your RV ? 

How long did it take ? 

We are Full-timers so extended time without a place to stay could be an issue.



Gary K,

 Thanks for the information on the Navarro Bros in MX.  I have heard about the painting work done in Mexico.

Had originally planned to go South this Spring and was planning to look for a Painter while there,  but Coronavirus changed our plans.

Now plan to spend summer in OR,  I have 2 shops in Eugene now that I am considering.

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Timothy and Larry K,

 Sent pictures to  Ricki Mackin and he stated about $7500 to repair.

I should have repaired the peeling 5 years ago, mine is getting pretty severe now.

I have an appointment in Eugene on 5/25 at a repair facility where I received a $4000 estimate.

If actual price is much higher that what they estimated,  I will probably make arrangements to visit The Navarro Brothers in MX.

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12 hours ago, cwminard@gmail.com said:

I’ve used Rehorn RV Collision Center in Sacramento CA.   They do a great job and it’s a family shop, not small but very good!

Their number : 916-925-1000

Good info: Currently quarantined in the area. 

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