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Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks

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Good morning.  We have a 2005 Monaco Diplomat DST  40 ft. We are considering putting down luxury vinyl planks (Smartcore from Lowe’s) everywhere but the bedroom and back bathroom. Then, of course, we thought about expanding the project to add heat to the floors. Has anyone done this and how difficult was it?   We aren’t interested using it as a replacement for our current heating system for the coach but more just to warm up the floor a bit on those chilly mornings. 

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I did engineered wood flooring throughout. Used the best seven layered flooring I could find and had some ex Monaco employees in Eugene, OR do the installation. Make sure you get quality flooring with the thickest top layer (veneer) available. Some sections are glued to the floor, other sections are floated. Done correctly the flooring is amazing. Not cheap though.

Already have Aqua Hot so just needed the floors.


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4 hours ago, Ernie Ekberg said:

It seems there is a trend to get the cheapest material and hope that it lasts. These coaches demand a better product IMO.

Ernie Ekberg

Ernie, are you still doing floors?


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