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Looking for information on the SMC-Monaco Slide mechanism used on 05 Beaver

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My 2005 Beaver has a room slide out that I think it is an SMC design (see the SMC brochure description below describing the slide).

It has two large beams on the bottom that supports the room which slides on an internal beam/rail which goes through the frame. This is the front Roadside Slide. There are no floor rollers (I cant see/tell for sure) but it was said that it uses large Teflon blocks to ride on. It has a single hydraulic cylinder.  There is a recessed "metal pan" that that the slide room drops into when the room is fully extended (sort of a flat floor design although the floor is still two inches or so above the coach floor). You can see this is the photo below of the interior.

I think it is a modified Power Gear setup (although Power Gear uses electric motors). I searched all the Power Gear literature and the picture I posted below is the closest I could find. I'm not sure if that is what I have or not. Did SMC use Power Gear in the mid-2000's?

I need info on the Teflon slides (I believe mine are worn or something else is worn) as the room rube the ceiling wood trim when it comes in.

I would like to get some info on this mechanism (part numbers for Teflon slides) and whether or not there are rollers on the inside ends of the support tubes.

Trying to figure out how to fix the problem of the top wood trim of slide room rubbing on the ceiling wood trim when the room is retracted.

Beaver Patriot Thunder - Slides out.jpg

Front Roadside Slide-out 1.JPG

Front Roadside Slideout 3.JPG

Front Roadside Slide-out Slide2.jpg

Front Roadside Slide-out.JPG

Power Glide - Flat Floor Slide-Out - Long Stroke.JPG

Power Gear mechanism.JPG

SMC Slide Design.jpg

Beaver Living Room photo 2.jpg

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Mike, maybe a dumb question because I'm pretty sure you know this but … are you putting the slide in and out at travel height or leveled?  If I run my slide while leveled it's a good chance that the big driver's slide is going to rub on the trim on inside top corner.  I have to be at travel height.  Mine rides on nylon type pads that slide over the inside floor.  Pretty sure we have the same type slide.  Mine looks about like yours.   Merry Christmas!


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Yes, I run it in and out at Travel height (as the manual says to do).

When my slide comes it it is leaning out so the bottom front of room hits the stop first the (outside wall of coach) then the top pulls in.  If it came in level (or with less slope) it would not scrape the ceiling.

I could remove the wood trim piece  at the top (above cabinets) of the slide room and trim/shave it down some so it doesn't hit the ceiling, but that would only be addressing the symptom. I would like to figure out exactly what is worn and correct for the problem.

I have not looked that closely at your slide room. Is it the same as mine? Have you seen the Teflon pads (the gap under my slide room floor it too small for me to see anything).  How can one get to those pads to replace? I wonder if adding some stainless steel plating on the bottom of the room  (like the Guardian Plate) would tak eup for any wear in the Teflon (if that is the problem).

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