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Dash AC trouble

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I previously reported for our 2008 Diplomat 36PDQ that I was having trouble with our dash AC not blowing cold. It was suggested to check the AC clutch fuse on F18. I did find that the fuse had blown and I replaced it which seemed to solve the problem HOWEVER it has since blown again which tells me that something else may be wrong causing the fuse to prematurely blow. Anyone have a hint of what to look for next? I am not an AC wizard so any help is appreciated. Thanks


Steve Hepfer

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If the schematics are unclear, hold the Ctrl key down at the same time you hit the number 5 key. Things should sharpen.

I chased an intermittent short in my system many years ago. The condenser fan that is mounted against the condenser panel along the drivers side 2/3 of the way back was causing me headaches. It would blow that fuse for some unknown reason at the time.

I'm an ET so chasing this one down was a challenge. I found that unplugging the fan that the fuse would not blow. 

Once the issue was isolated the challenge of finding a new fan was going to be difficult. We had just started full timing and was just the start of some of the challenges along the road.

Taking the fan apart since there was no reason not to I found the wire feed had been pinched and over time had rubbed a short, It was intermittent depending on the exmpansion and contraction of the shroud or bumps in the road. Problem solved and it has worked for over ten year flawlessly.

As a side note. be sure to keep your freon full because getting it too low will prevent you from filling it without doing some tricks as you will see in the link I attached. 

Since we have sister ships I have a ton of files I would be glad to share if you have not downloaded them yet. The folder I attached is just one from that list of files.




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The “clutch” is an electric solenoid of sorts. When energized it locks belt pulley to the compressor crank shaft to pump refrigerant. When not energized the pulley is just riding along with the belt. You could check continuity of the coil on the clutch and any and all wiring to the clutch. Check for any shorts as well(wires rubbed through, loose connections, etc).  You could check amperage on that circuit as well, hopefully no other loads are attached  

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