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2007 Dynasty wiper arm replacement

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13 minutes ago, D.Ellison said:

Can anyone recommend a supplier for an entire windshield wiper arm assy ,,,,,,,driving into my driveway the other day mine just broke and fell off, 07 monaco dynasty squire. TIA.

Odds are you have AM EQUIPMENT system. Website is AMEQUIPMENT.com. They may have a list. Butch used to be the parts guy and had his own “list”. 
Download the parts list.  There is quite a lot of info there.

I talked to some other wiper systems companies that also make them.  They will interchange.  One was in Greensboro NC.

based on that and also personal experience, the “other” guys do not recommend using the 32”(memory) inch blades as there is too much surface area.  Some say that their interchangeable arm will work with 32”.  Many of us run 28” blades and you really don’t lose any “needed” wiping area.  The 2” above and the 2” below is not anything that would impact your normal or needed field of view.  I use 32” if I find them, but always have a pair of 28 from Walmart.  Look at the design of the blades if you buy there.  One will jump out as being stronger.

Good Luck.

BTW…I am on my iPad.  I cannot edit a title from it, as a Moderator.  Please rename to 2007 Dynasty Wiper Arm Source.  That makes it easier for folks to understand and others, in the future, to search for.  I THINK you can do this….

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I recently picked up replacements for my 2009 Dynasty from BJ's RV and Marine.  

These were the exact replacement for mine: 


Good company to work with, they supplied Monaco with many parts over the years. 

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