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2003 Signature Wax Valve for Cooling Fans

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Just now, Rob M cKeown said:

has anyone installed a Wax Valve on a 2003 Signature or similar with a Cummins ISX 525HP. If so, how did it work out

Contact Source Engineering.  I cannot recall what their website is called now….they renamed it a long time ago.  They are the number one, at least here and on the original Yahoo site, company that had a complete kit.  Two Ex Monaco folks….backgrounds were upper level Engineering and Warranty.  Their forte was suspensions, but they also were the leading authority on the conversion back to simplicity.

Our resident expert passed away, but he found that the valve or the controller was mounted upside down and prone to corrosion in the connector.  Others might chime in, but some have cleaned the connections and rotated it 180 deg and never had another issue.

Source is the one that has the complete retro kit and no one has ever complained about any performance or drivability issues….

Scott and Jim were their names….and the rest is lost in my fuzzy brain hard drive…

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Yes. I purchased the adjustable wax valve and installed it. It's working great.  Had to remove the steel radiator pipe and weld the bung into it.  

My fan was previously running wide open and overworking the hydraulic system.  

Whitehouse Products in England has them very reasonable and surprisingly fast shipping.  

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17 minutes ago, jacwjames said:

This is the Source Eng kit Tom is suggesting.  http://sourcerv.com/conversion

But you might also check your radiator to see if there is a port in the top upper rear area, that is where my thermovalve is located.  It then has two #4 hoses going to the fan speed switch that controls the speed. 

The kit, I hope they are suppling should have a new thermostat cover or “gooseneck” with a tapped outlet. The original made you take your housing to a machine shop and have them do that.  Many of us suggested that….  BTW, my discussions are from many years ago, but the basics are there and doing a little work on your own system, assuming it is often a connection issue fixed a lot of rigs.

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I had it done a year ago. Has been amazing. My fan was running wide open for no apparent reason. Would work fine for a half hour and then run for an hour, maybe 2 or 3, then would go back to normal. 

The fan running killed my mileage, made it hard to use the exhaust brake because it performed so differently, and was annoying as all get out because of how loud it was. 

Wax valve fixed it all. I took it to premier rv in junction city and I am pretty sure they sent it to Source to get fixed. Good investment. 

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Had one installed on our 2007 Executive last year at Source Engineering.  Unit works great, nice upgrade.  Several members of our Monaco chapter have had them installed in the past year and everyone is very satisfied with the results.

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