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2002 Monaco Diplomat Part Search

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The Everpure Water Filter was always a PIA to deal with.

I ended up removing the entire fixture and put together a bypass made out of parts I purchased at Lowes or Home Depot.

Then later I installed an Ice Maker Water Filter into the Ice Maker water supply line.

Photos below.

Ice Maker Filter Mod-07.JPG

Ice Maker Filter Mod-01.JPG

Ice Maker Filter Mod-06.JPG

Ice Maker Filter Mod-08.JPG

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You are quite talented.  I havent had a bad time with it but never got the bypass cap when I bought coach.  I thought before I change out the system I would see if I could aquire the cap to help when I needed to winterize it.  Thank you for your response. 

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Other than the Everpure being a PIA plus the filters were expensive, I also had an exterior water filter on my incoming water line, so I really didn't need the Everpure system.

Changing the filter cartridge in the Whole House Water Filter was easier and cheaper too.

In the photos you can also see the Insta-Hot System which I also removed and tossed into the trash one day when I was switching out the kitchen faucet. Waste of space on the counter. That opening now has a soap dispenser in it.

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I kept my Everpure system.  Since we don't full time changing the filter every season isn't that big of deal. 

Here is about the best price I found on the plug https://www.freshwatersystems.com/products/everpure-header-bypass-plug-assembly

In the literature I had read there is a pressure limit and cautions not to use it under high pressure, what ever that means.  Looking at it the weakest point was the hollow part of the plug so I got creative and used a piece of PVC pipe with a cap on it and epoxied in the hollow part to strengthen it.  I left about 3" of PVC sticking out which actually helps installing and removing. 

But Richard is correct, if you use a lot of water it might be better to install a whole house duel filter system, one for sediment and the other for removing chemicals etc. 

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