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Do these removals have any worth?


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I've recently removed the following from my coach:

Norcold 1200 - Appears to be original.  Was forming condensation but otherwise appeared to work fine.  Wanted to go residential anyway, so I did.

Tracstar SV260 - To my knowledge it wouldn't work due to satellites changing their data streams.

Batwing antenna

Unfortunately my google foo isn't turning up much in the way of figuring out if any of these things, or if any of their piece parts, have any real worth.  Which probably means they don't.  Before I toss them all, I figured I'd ask here.  Anyone happen to know?

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Along the same lines.

DOMETIC 1402 parts.

Boards - yes.  Did not pull mine. $$ missed.  Icemaker??  Maybe.

Interior shelves and all attaching hardware.  sold quickly and at astonishing $$ on EBay.  Got $200, total, in 3 or 4 “lots”.  

NOTE….The large plastic vegetable (?) storage bins are the NUTS to go on lower shelf of the Samsung.  Two strips of white duct tape on the bottom of each and two mating strips on the shelf provide positive friction and they stay in place.  We stock one with water and the other, when the GK travel with us, with soft drinks.  Otherwise DW uses it for “stuff”.  Don’t let them go!

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I sold my non-working Norcold 1200 on Facebook Marketplace for $100.  The guy wanted the doors, I wanted to get rid of the entire unit.  Fair trade.  The individual parts are worth more but didn't want to deal with the hassle, especially when it got down to disposing of the "carcass".

IMO I don't think the TracStar will have usable parts.  If it works better in another part of the country that might help. 

I had to buy a batwing antenna when the amplifier inside it died.  If I had found a used one I would have snatched it up. 

- bob


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I just removed the Norcold 1200 with ice maker. Also included is an ARP controller with fan. On removal I found it has 2 fans on top of the coils. It was brand new when we bought the coach in 2014. It worked like a champ on our 6 month 9000 mile trip that ended on July 4th weekend. 
I believe there is someone desperate for this unit. Location is Wilmington DE.

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Approx 11 yrs ago we removed our working Norcold and ran an ad on Craigslist for $500.  The phone rang almost instantly and a young couple showed up with a small trailer.   They were scared to death we would sell it before they could get here.  I don't know, I might could have gotten twice that amount but I was happy it was gone.    We have a pavillion where we hold family get togethers etc.  I set the Norcold up in there so they could see it cold.  To my surprise they weren't interested,  just wanted to get loaded and hit the road.  All that work setting it up to show them for nothing.    They must have had a trip planed and needed it bad.

Even if one is not working people want the doors and other parts.   When they were being replaced by RV shops in wholesale order they were thrown out back & hauled off as trash.  Replacing them has slowed way down now and so have the fires.

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