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2006 Monaco Knight 40 PLQ relay/fuse location for rear 7 pin tow plug

Knight 40 PLQ

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1 hour ago, Knight 40 PLQ said:

Hello, does anybody know the location for the relay/fuse for the 7 pin rear tow plug, mine is dead, unplugged the pigtail under the right rear taillight nothing not even flashers work thanks Tim

Don't exactly follow what is not working....not talking down to you.  The 7 pin is wired from various points. One is the charging circuit and that has a relay as well as a fuse.  The ignition has to be ON to engage the relay and it delivers PURE 12VDC to the charging wire (look at your diagram in the manual).

I scrolled through the prints on file for your rig and I did NOT see any "Fuse" or up front relay.  

Look on page 35.  You have the "American" 4 wire system. The 7 pin connector gives you "Charging" voltage...see above. The Brake Control pin will be DEAD unless you have an auxillary braking system hooked up...that is the feed or control wire for it.  Then there is the ever popular, but rarely used BACKUP.

Best advice....start with the wiring harness to the 7 Pin or if there is a separate one for the 4...and then track back the harness and keep going.

Wish I could be of more help.


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4 hours ago, Knight 40 PLQ said:

the problem has been fixed thanks to RNMCBR, the relay for the tow plug was in the curb side battery bay next to the battery kill switch and it was unlabeled, many thanks

Give him a trophy point.  Good deal.  I could not find it in your prints.

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