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Cup holder option

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I use a RAM Cup Holder with a suction cup attachment to a smooth piece of black plastic on the left side of the driver.

Here is a photo of what I had in the Windsor.

The Dynasty came with the most stupid engineered cup holder design I have ever seen for the driver. I have removed it and plan to attach a piece of plastic to the same location for my RAM cup holder.

Cup Holder - Ram Mount.JPG

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1 hour ago, vito.a said:

These work fairly well.  Available in various colors.  


That is what was mounted on my Dynasty. Well, I should say only pieces of it remained. I removed it and will install a 4-inch X 4-inch piece of black plastic to attach the RAM suction cup holder to it.

I for one am not impressed with that style at all.


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I buy the folding ones from West Marine.  Have one in the rear bedroom beside “my” side of the bed.  No nightstand on that side.  Also have one upfront on the main dash console just right of the “kick out”.  DW puts a bigger bottle of water and refills the “cups” we use in the stock cup holder.  I did consider one on the left side of the drivers seat….similar to where the frst one is in the picture.  The arms are adjustable so you can secure the cup or bottle or whatever.  Had them on my boat and nary a spill during a full throttle slalom ski deep water start 

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My cup holders are in a sliding tray in the center console.  Good location but the have the large shallow cup holders.  Normal size drinks/cups easily tip over when turning or stopping.   One solution was to put a large coffee cup in the cup holder that the I'd place my insulated coffee cup into, but you'd have to remove the larger cup every time you wanted to push the tray in.

I'm too cheap to buy anything so I had to get creative.

After building our house I had a bunch of PVC fittings left over and actually and 3"X2.5" reducer that I found fit in the cup holder and my cup would fit in it.  It was low enough so I didn't have to remove it to close the drawer.  But my coffee cup was tight enough that every once in a while the fitting would come up with the cup.  So I simply cut ~1/4" off the bottom the my cup touches the bottom before it gets stuck in the fitting. 

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On 8/17/2022 at 7:58 AM, ph1386 said:

Hello all. I have an 04 executive. I am looking for a better cup holder solution. The ones upfront are useless. When a turn the drink goes everywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 



Hi Paul,

Another thought on a cupholder. I have an Executive one year older than you but it seems the dash didn't change too much. I made use of the built-in slide out tray that didn't seem to serve much purpose. In the inside of the drop down door I attached a magnet and also attached one on the bottom of the slide out tray. This was necessary because the tray just wanted to slide in and out and not lock in place. I then shopped for a cup holder at an auto parts store, secured it and woohoo it stays in place for all of my journeys. As soon as I land I remove he cups, thermos, etc. push the slide in and close the door. It is out of the way until the next journey. 

Good luck Ken





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