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Sony Color Monitor & Aladdin modules for sale.

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So I have for sale:

  • Sony Color Monitor: VCB-MHD1 $50 in good working condition(SOLD)
  • Aladdin Tank Interface Module: $35 working when removed
  • Aladdin DC Interface Module: $35 working when removed
  • Aladdin ATS Interface Module: $35 working when removed
  • Aladdin Temperature/Compass Module: $35 working when removed
  • Aladdin Tank Level Display: $25 working when removed(SOLD)
  • Aladdin Video Coach Systems Monitor/MD 440 -Controls system.  Not sure if it works???  Free with the purchase of other pieces.(SOLD)

Please ask any questions and I will be glad to share why I upgraded to a Silverleaf.  All prices are plus shipping.  I will be glad to work with you on pricing.  You should be able to read all model and version numbers on pictures attached.











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49 minutes ago, Chad A said:

I will take the Sony monitor. 

Let me know how you would like to proceed with the purchase. 

Thank you 

Hi Chad,

Thanks, it is yours.  Can you send me an email with a phone number I can call you tomorrow and we can work out details.




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Hey Marine Boy, I would like to hear how your change to silver leaf is going. Did you happen to do it yourself? My Aladdin system never worked as i got the coach second hand. Was looking at silver leaf but know there re a few other options (a bit more complex to install). Would like to hear any feedback on the silverleaf system. 

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I just sent you a message with my contact info.

It took sometime to get through some issues, and needed a software update, which Silverleaf was great helping me through the issues.

It is working like is should.

I am happy with it.  And will be glad to discuss the details.

Best, John Sima

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