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Bilstein shock numbers

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I am looking for the Bilstein shock numbers to fit an 06 RR10S chassis. I searched the forum but can’t track it down. If someone could share the correct part numbers I would appreciate it. I am looking for stock Bilstein numbers and not the Source ones

Thanks in advance for your help!

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 RR10S Roadmaster chassis uses Bilstein part number 24-187312, 10 each, (4 on front axle, 4 on drive axle, and 2 on tag axle). Bilstein uses the same shock front and rear.
These are the new Comfort Valve versions with some design changes from the original.  I purchased mine from Amazon.

Many of us are using Bilstein on the rear and Koni on the front.  The front Koni shocks take the big hit out of bridge abutments but cost more.  

Post # 26 has detailed steps on changing the rear shocks.  Broken upper shock mounting stud, drivers side rear drive axle - Page 2 - iRV2 Forums

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