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Our mechanic just talked to his battery rep at interstate and said the only difference we would see if the maintenance and price. Nothing else to benefit so we stuck with normal 6 volt and replaced with  4 , deep cycle 6volt regular batteries. 

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I used four VMax 6v GC2 agm batteries for a while. They worked just fine. I had 800w of solar and that pretty well kept them nice and charged. I got them from Amazon. 

They worked fine until I had the rig at the mechanic’s and a big snow came in. I asked if I could keep it there for several extra days. When I came to get it the parasitic draws had dropped the battery to 4.5v. Got it recharged, put the rig to bed for the winter. They recovered somewhat - only had about half their power. Limped them along the next season, then went lithium when we went full-time. 

I think they will be just fine as long as you don’t flatline them. 

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