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New cupholders (again)


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Scotty Hutto has a 3-D cupholder design but being the busy man he is, I guess it is not getting a lot of attention. I have not seen a completed design made available and really wanted a better set.

While on our 6-month trip we visited our son (and family) and discussed the cupholder for the coach that holds nothing stable except maybe a soda can. So, he decided he can design a better version that meets my preferences. After 2 or 3 prototypes, we got a final design that is installed in our coach (2006 LaPalma, gasser).  The unit is 3D printed and the ones we have is printed using ABS material. The cupholder is installed into the external plastic armrest and there is room to spare, so depth was not a limitation in this design.

Attached are a number of photos of the cupholder. I trust these and description below makes it clear enough.



      ·        Internal depth is 3.5 inches and any container that fits, will be stable

      ·        External depth is 1/6” more than the internal depth

      ·        It is printed in 2 parts to simplify and accelerate the printing process (and reduce the amount of filament material used)

      ·        Trim flange is included in the design (as well as the screw holes) to make use of the existing trim piece

      ·        The upper part is glued into the lower part to make a single unit (see the photos)

      ·        The depth can be changed (upper part is recommended) to accommodate depth limitations



      ·        One size does not fit all coaches and the 2-part design makes it easier when doing the 3-D printing to allow for the smaller size needed for the DP use

      ·        The current design does not provide for the handle recess of the original but this could be added to the design



      ·      The design is available to anybody that has access to a 3-D printer. The design can be modified by you to suit your specific requirements

      ·        Sorry, I do not have a 3-D printer and I will not be taking orders for any cupholders


New cupholder.pdf

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We do have a section in our Downloads Files where you can post a 3D printer STL file.  That way other members of the group with a 3D printer could print the same cup holder.  If your son is willing to share his file you can either put it in the files or post it here and I'll handle putting it into our files.



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Hi Ron,

Sorry for the delay. We were away and just got back. I did not have my pc with me to check the link to the files my son uploaded. I will do my checks tomorrow and respond to this thread on completion of my checks.

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Thanks for the response.  Really interested to replace the POS cup holders in our 2008 Beaver Contessa.  The originals are not useable.

Await your response.

Thanks again, Ron

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Hi Ron and anyone interested, the link to the files is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5482963

the reason for the delay is that I wanted to confirm that I can download the files to my PC, before I send you the link and then find that you run into problems. The design is open source and feel free to download it and print the cupholder(s) you need. if the 3" depth is too much you can reduce the wall height as needed for your purposes.

The files are uploaded to www.thingiverse.com and I believe the designs are open source. The restriction is that these cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Have fun.

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Martin - Thanks for providing a link to these files.  I added them to our collection of other 3D files in our Downloads section of the forum.  Below is a direct link. 

As we do with all 3D files, users must first agree that they are for personal use only before the files can be downloaded.


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Reference the one that was posted originally it was a 2 piece holder.  See this reference file:///Users/ronaldshantos/Downloads/185857775_Newcupholder%20(10).pdf.  The one at the link provided is a one (1) piece and says "La Palma - Monaco RV Cup Holder - Gas Engine Only". It appears to not have the separate trim piece covering the screws.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Hi Ron, it was designed to accept the existing trim piece that I have in my coach. That is all designed for my coach. I assume , probably incorrectly, that Monaco used the same for all the coaches. 
Scotty may have more info on the topic as he had also done some design work for cupholders and as I recall he did not print a new bezel (trim piece).

Thanks Frank, appreciated.

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Hey all… my apologies for not getting the design completed sooner.  It’s been a really busy summer for me between business and personal travel and family medical issues.  I simply haven’t been at home enough to finish the design I showed at the Gathering…. After printing a few copies of that one-piece design, I found it had a weakness there the flange around the top attached to the body.  I actually *still* owe a couple of folks replacements. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

I’ve been working with Paul Whittle to redesign it as a 3-piece ABS print that will be superglued (a time-tested 3-D printing technique 🤣) together.  This design will have the handle cutout and utilize the rubber tabs and trim ring from the original cup holder.

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