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2005 Signature Magnum Opus 3110 Toilet Issues

Paul Busch

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Will you please include the name of the toilet.  Please edit the title to 2005 Signature “BRAND” Toilet Flush Control Switch Issues.  

if not, pm me and I will .

that will make it a lot easier for others to search and find and benefit.


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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2005 Signature Magnum Opus 3110 Toilet Issues
28 minutes ago, Paul Busch said:


it is a Magnum Opus 3110 toilet and I don’t know how to PM.

Click on the MAIL or Messages icon in the upper right corner.  Click on Compose New when it pops up.  this is like an internal email.  In the TO....start typing dr4.....that will get you to Richard.  Then compose your message, assuming you are interested in the specifics of the meter and then the message.

You can include others.

If you see a post that you want to talk to the poster about, click on his icon....like you "P".  There is a MESSAGE option when his info calls up.  You MIGHT scroll down and find his phone number....but NOT his email address.  I have certain privileges that members do not.

When you log back in, you will get a notice of a new message.  Go to the top and click on the MAIL icon.  This is just like email...except you go through us....you will receive email notifications of your activity and that you have new replies or messages.

That's it....

I fixed the title.  Use that format when you create a new one so that if has more info and is MH specific. 

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10 minutes ago, Paul Busch said:

Old Dog, 

I ordered a switch, can I cross wires or something till it comes?


I will print out your info you sent and try. Thanks, I am 75 and this isn’t easy.😊 my grandkids aren’t around. This site has been so helpful.


you are a mere, by spring chicken inference, to me.....  I got you by 2 years....so it is possible....  

Good Luck.  The more you learn how to use the features and such of this site, the better off you will be.



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That switch activates two different functions on the control board. It is a MOMENTARY switch.

One way, down, flushes the bowl and the other way, up, adds water to the bowl.

You need to identify each wire with a piece of tape as to their location on the switch. Chances are the middle terminal is 12 VDC HOT, just guessing though. Then one terminal will flush the toilet and the other terminal will add water to the bowl.

I will let you figure that out as to which two wires will flush the bowl when you connect them. You CANNOT leave them connected.

I have the same switch but no desire to remove it and end up with something going wrong with it. I don't like to "fix" something that isn't broken.

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Yes, but I have a house multiplex system where the fuses are located. Does you coach have the house multiplex system also?

If not, does your coach have a fuse panel inside somewhere possibly in the bedroom where many house fuses are located?

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I still have the original control board with the green and red lights. Mine are all lit up green indicating normal standby mode.

Since you have Paul's new board, I would try disconnecting the cable connectors and reseating them.

After that you may want to contact Paul for his expertise on the Magnum Opus toilet. He is the resident expert!

1 hour ago, Jdw12345 said:

Please post where to find a switch like that too! 

SeaLand Toilet Wall Mount Switch Assembly AH-ASY-1-1-025 | pdxrvwholesale

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