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Air Brake Chamber Replacement

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2006 Dynasty rear axle air brake chamber is kaput...will not release brakes on pass side.  I am pretty good on chasing down part numbers but can not find this one.  Lots of choices based on length of rod, etc.  I can't be the first one to have one fail.  

On the road in a campground and trying to not have a mobile truck guy make extra trips for parts.


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I had to have one replaced on my previous Windsor in Terrance BC but it was only because the caging bolt would not cage the brake on that side of the coach. Discovered that when needing to be towed 200 miles to a truck shop in BC. They just removed the bad one and installed a new one.

If you can't read any numbers or information off of the one you have then your only recourse is to remove it to match it up with a new one.

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 You should be able to get a maxi-brake chamber ( commonly referred as)  at any place that sells heavy duty truck parts, NAPA, Peterbilt,Kenworth, Freightliner, Fleet Pride, etc…… you simply purchase one with a long threaded rod and cut to length as needed.

 If you need to move the coach you can cage the brake chamber with a caging bolt that should be fastened to the side of the chamber, this is just to move the coach to a safe location, if you do this you WILL NOT HAVE ANY BRAKES on that wheel end!   You should be able to do a google search and learn more.

I was purchase a complete chamber apposed to doing what’s called just a “piggy back” where you only get the front half and a new pancake for between the parking brake and the service brake. Jmo.

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OK...finally got all the Monaco black s### cleaned off, would love to meet that spray guy in a dark alley some night!!! There are things that needed to be sprayed and some things that just shouldn't have!!

Oh well  Total assembly is a MGM 3430332/TR3030 OEM part Replacement part is now 3430051/3030  Crosses to a Haldex GC3030 both were on Amazon 8/29/2022 for future reference. 

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All you need to determine is if your air brake chamber is long or short stroke and the diaphragm diameter. All units are built to DOT protocol and interchange between manufacturers. The parking brake unit and service brake unit are completely independent. If you cage the parking brake unit you will still have fully operational service brake capability. Spring applies the parking brake. Air applies the service brake. 

I don't know if the parking brake chamber will piggyback with the service brake chamber between different manufacturers however my suspicion is that they will.

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