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Bathroom skylight

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Mark B is right on target. I ordered mine from eztops as well. My 2000 Signature used the following skylight. Measuring the actual dome measurements is challenging due to the curve at the bottom of the dome. Mine measured  34” x 34” x 16” x 25” x 16” OD 

This is what they suggested and what I ordered. Lexan skylight 30" x 30" x 13" x C x 13" x 5" high plus OD 34" x 34"
1 X USD 239.95

Price included shipping. I didn't use the inner liner that was in my original dome.

shower skylight.jpg

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Mike, I believe it would fit fine. Mine was cracked in several places and was cloudy from age. The new skylight will not have any holes drilled so you will need to do that. I positioned mine so I could mark where the original holes were and then drilled my holes between those marks. Recommend using Surebond SB140 Skylight sealant. 

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