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Replacement of Water Hose


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I have searched everywhere but can not find the answer to my question.  Can I replace my water hose with one of the hoses that collapses once the water has been shut off?  There are several manufactures of these hoses and some can be used for potable water.  I could use a 100 foot hose and once it has collapsed I should be able to roll it up on my electric hose real with ease.  I would like to know if it is possible and has anyone already done this?

My coach is a 2004 38 foot Camelot.  I believe the standard water hose reel that Monaco installed in their coaches during that time.

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You could but that is your choice. I am not impressed by the cheap brands as explained below. The only hose I have seen that is rated for potable water is the ZeroG and these do not collapse /shrink. However, it could easily be rolled up as you have indicated.

We have had several of the shrinking type to use in the garden at home and found these to be very convenient. BUT these did not last as the outer weaved shell easily frays and then leaks. We then switched to a ZeroG which has not frayed but dies require more space and effort to stow.
We also have a ZeroG for non-potable water use in the MH and it works well. I empty the hose and double it up before rolling it into a 5gal bucket. Currently we have conventional hoses for our potable use and may switch to a ZeroG in the future and make sure it the potable water version which, as I recall, is green and not black in color.

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We went through a couple of the cheaper collapsible hoses around the house and they did not hold up. When we decided on one for the RV we went with the ZeroG, and wish we had done so long ago. I love it!

Unfortunately I see I didn't get the potable version as I thought I had. But I'm not too worried about it.


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I've been using a Zero G for several years and love it. I us a 25' hose and I have room to coil it in the water bay (no hose reel). I pull out just what I need, usually 2 or 3 loops, and leave the rest coiled and never a problem. When I'm ready to go I can put a few coils back in a matter of seconds.


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I wouldn't give 2 cents for any of those "shrinking" type water hoses.

Years ago, I purchase a 25-foot section of Handi Hose from Camping World which is a FLAT hose. It folds up into a roll about 4 inches by 10 inches. They no longer sell those hoses. However, there are flat hoses available on Amazon which would work just as well.


I May install a flat one on my water reel, but you have to make sure you remove the entire length before using it. Otherwise, it won't fill with water.

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