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LED lights on door rail and and keyless entry

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2006 Monaco Camelot. I have door rail with what appears to be led lights in it. How would I get them to work?  
also there is a keyless entry touch pad but I never had pass code. How would I get that and would it even still work?



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Those bars are just reflective.  There's a light bulb at the bottom that causes it to light up.


I linked the blue bulb but there's also a white one.

Edit:  Some of the bars light up.  Not all of them do.  You'll have to check if yours does.

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Remove the upper and lower end caps which will expose which end has the LED light at. Purchase a new one at one of the vendors and replace the handrail.

The keypad should have instructions in your owners manual as to its operation and programming procedures.

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Monaco used keyless entry systems from both Essex and Trimark.  I'm pretty sure  yours is a Trimark.  You need to find the instructions and hope the original owner did not change the programming code.  

Then find the red programming button and LED light.  Some are under the passenger armrest and some are under the dash.  On top for the dash between the instruments and the windshield is a removeable cover.  Our 2007 model had both the button and the light under this cover.  

There are also remote fobs for the system.  Trimark has moved onto a newer version and does not sell the older fobs.  I used Remocon programmable fobs.  

This is a thread on reprogramming the entry system as well as programming key fobs.  Read posts #5, 13, 21, and 22.   http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/help-with-trimark-key-fob-programming-324146.html

Let us know if you need more help?

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TriMark keyless entry systems have an AUTHORITY code to program all the ACCESS codes. There is a default AUTHORITY code from the factory. Most folks don’t know that by jumping two wires coming from the keypad, the keypad can be put in learning mode and a new AUTHORITY code can be set.

I’ve help many people with setting an new ACCESS code to be able to use their keypad. So, if the deadbolt is not locked, I would be able to assign myself a code and use it to gain entry to a coach. Pretty scary! I’m sure others know how to do the same. 

Setting an ACCESS is quick and simple. Keypads with a doorbell can have 4 ACCESS codes, and keypads without doorbells can have 5 ACCESS codes. 

AUTHORITY codes program ACCESS codes, only.

ACCESS codes unlock the door and the bays

I’ve made up a cheat sheet on how to quickly program and use the keypad.  Needless to say, I won’t be posting it here on the forum.  If the OP, or others that I can verify are part of this forum, I will share how to program with them offline. I am assuming that the factory default code is there. If not, it will take more time to change the AUTHORITY code, but not a big deal.

Please private message me for more info.

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Below is a link to the manuals in our downloads files for resetting the authority and access codes.  In most Monaco coaches, they connected a LED light and push button so you don't have to short the wires to reset the default authority code.  You need to both reset the authority code and delete all the old access codes.  A quick internet search will tell you the default codes Trimark used.  So, it's critical that you do not use these default codes.


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