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Do you have MCD Slow Rise Shades?


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We are in search of these parts... for our Slow Rise Roll- up Shades, already checked all the usual places no luck. MCD no longer makes parts for these...they were in a ton of Monaco's for quite a few years. These are out of our 2009 Patriot Thunder. The shades are in great shape, hate to throw them away hate even more the cost of new! If you have any laying around we would love to buy them from you and scab the parts for our shades, so size is a little flexible. You can see where ours broke(very typical) where the rigid part meets the spring. Please reach out if you have any to sell! I will cross post to get to more Monaco owners...


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Yeah Don, best option yet!  That is obviously a weak spot, now that we know being super careful but assume others will fail.  When yours broke did you do any research on what models and what years this type was used?  Thinking of checking some salvage yards but not sure how to narrow the search.  Lots for sale on EBay but on the newer ones brackets are completely different…

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YES!!! Its almost free. MCD was no help to me at all. They just want you to buy new shades at $200 each. I say NO WAY!!!!!

Here is a drawing on how I fixed the 4 or 5 shades that broke. Once I fixed them they NEVER broke again. 

Hope this helps you.

Dr Don


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