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Location of Serial Number for Penguin heat-pump

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Lost my front heat pump this week. Where do I locate the serial number to confirm I order the correct replacement ?

2004 Beaver Monterey

Darrell Terry

I found Model & Serial number on Data Card in bathroom cabinet. I don't know if heat pump was replaced prior to my ownership. Where on actual heat pump can I find Model & Serial number ? 


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Inside the coach, lower the vent/filter assembly and look for a tag on the bottom of the A/C assembly. 

You can also look on your original Monaco build sheet.  

After saying that, the model you currently have doesn't really matter.  You can no longer buy that model and none of the new versions will work with your 5 button Comfort Control thermostat.  

You will need either a new retrofit control board (and they are back ordered) or one of the new CCC2 thermostats and separate this new A/C from the old one.

Or just replace both units and install the new style thermostat.

Your coach probably has a Penguin low profile 13k btu unit.  I would replace it with a 15k btu Penguin II.  You can also upgrade to a heat pump model.  

I hope I explained this where it's understandable.  

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