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2013 Holiday Rambler Bedroom Slide Motor


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Just a friendly suggestion.

The title of your post needs to make it clear what the subject is. This helps those with the knowledge to respond to your post. It also help future searches when one of your fellow Monacoers is looking for a solution to there problem.


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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2013 Holiday Rambler Bedroom Slide Motor

Garage Monster is correct.  I have edited the title. Please post whether this is the BED or the Wardrobe slide as they are typically different. In addition, if it is the Wardrobe Slide, does it have cables on the outside.  That will assist members who might have information. Thanks.

For general information. The bed slide motor is under the bed. There are, memory, two different slides for the wardrobe side.  One is an "BAL Accuslide" and it the one that uses 4 cables on the side of the slide that you can see when it is extended. That motor is located dead center of the TOP of the slide. If you google BAL Accuslide, there is a lot of information on it. It has 8 cables and there are 4 behind the flanges on the interior. 

The other question.....is "What is the issue and why do you need to location of the motor". The slides are controlled by a four relay box that is usually located under the drawers in the wardrobe or somewhere near by. If the slide is not functioning, Then you need to be able to determine if the control relays for the slide are functional. 

Please provide more information so the group can assist. 

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The motor is located under the bed. There will be a false panel which has to be removed to access the motor. Lifting the bed will not reveal the motor. You have to remove the false panel located at the head of the bed.

If you are having problems with this slide's operation let us know and then I can steer you in the right direction.


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