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2006 monaco holiday rambler drivers side slide goes side way.

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Hello again.

I had rot on bottom of slide. So I ordered and installed guardian plates.

tryed the slide a few times and it worked fine (in and out 1/4 way with plastic on)

did not take the plastic cover off the plate before riveting and glueing.Mistake!

so to take all the plastic off completely I pulled the slide in about 4" to lift the slide up to pull the plastic off from inside the moter home the side closest to driverseat  went good did same to other end got all the plastic off now the slide seams to be only pulling from one end any ideas what it might be?

If you are inside the moter home looking at slide the left side closest to fridge that end gets pushed side ways to the fridge wall and the other end is coming in.

any hep would be appreciated thank you.

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Just to inform all.

went back out and found bolt connecting slide motor to left end of slide fell off found bolt but not the nut so I put another bolt and nut but sheered both ends off have to get a nut for the first bolt.

I can not believe the torque on the slide motor!!

with the right bolt and nut will work fine.

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