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2 minutes ago, Radar22 said:


I thought about that but they want another 7 dollars a month for the extra Wally 

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9 minutes ago, allphase8 said:

We have a Hopper in our and I believe you can get a wireless Joey to do that w/o wires.

I’ll check on that thanks

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Yes I have ran a HDMI cable from cabinets over passenger seat to rear TV on my 2001 Monaco Dynasty. Also ran one from cabinets to front TV. From splitter that connects to Wally I went through cabinets to space behind the frig, then down to floor took the carpet cover off in the bathroom on outside wall at floor level, went through that space into closets then up to TV

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Our '07 Cayman PDQ had an old style picture tube type TV in the rear bedroom. I wanted to replace it with a modern flat screen 1920x1080 HD TV but was also challenged with how to get the HDMI signal from front of the coach for DVD and satellite. I had tried a couple of the wireless devices from Best Buy and on line sources and none of them worked. One simply couldn't reach the length of the coach. The other would go nuts anytime we or a neighbor used the microwave.

Because the coach had a standard 75 ohm coax going from front of the coach to the rear bedroom I tried an internet search for a device that would transmit the HDMI signal over coax. I found the following device and it works perfect. The photo shows the device has BNC connector. Mine came with the standard F-type connector used for 75 ohm TV cable. If by chance yours has a BNC connector one can readily purchase a BNC to F-type adaptor.



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I purchased a HDMI splitter and added a wireless HDMI transmitter so we could watch TV outside without running wires.  Worked great!  Bought from Best Buy. 

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