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Does anyone have any experience with a entry lift chair. I am a 100% disabled vet and have muscular dystrophy. I still can get around and drive but am finding the entry steps are getting difficult. I’ve seen some of the chair lifts online. Was wanting to know peoples opinion on which is best. I’m leaning toward the one that mounts inside and the chair lifts off and can be stored when traveling. I feel it’s less intrusive. Thanks Tom

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I have an Easy Lift/Coach Lift sitting in my garage.  I bought it for my late wife to use probably around 15 years ago.  She passed in 2015 so I took it off my 09 Dynasty shortly after she was gone.  It's yours if you can come and get it.  I live in Reno and I imagine that it would be difficult for me to get it packaged up to send to you as It is bulky and quite heavy.

Fairly east to install.  I installed a fairly heavy 4" angle attached to the step box to support the weight at the bottom then drilled a couple holes through the coach sidewall to support the upper bracket.   I got the power from the front run box.  Think it requires 30 amps.

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