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spongy brakes

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I was having a problems with my breaks not working well did a complete fluid flush that helped but on the long trip we took to Redding a few month back my brake pedal felt spongy and would slowly go down some when I was stopped at a light so last week I decided to bleed the brakes again  and it was better but would creep down when pushing on the pedal and I did not have any brakes until the pedal was about half way down I did not think it was the master had no leaking or fluid loss but why I was under the coach I noticed that the back brake lines was braided steel lines and the front was the rubber lines so I pulled the front lines off and took them to the hose man and had new steel braded lines made took care of all my pedal problems now I have good solid pedal go's down about about a inch to a inch and a half wen I step on them so if you are having spongy pedal problems try replacing the rubber lines cheep fix coast me 50.00 a hose to have made you have to take your old hoses with you  because they have to use the old part of the line that hooks to the calipers

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