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2007 Dynasty Air system & Auxiliary compressor and Valid Leveling issues

Tom Cherry

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Note.  This is a synopsis of a final solution to a 2007 Dynasty's compressed air system and the Valid leveling.  I was working with a friend of a relative who just purchased this unit.  He has had many RV's including at least one Gasser and 3 or 4 DP's...but not with the complexity or sophistication of the Dynasty.  Totally new world for him.  Frank McElroy, as usual, was my GOTO guy....with a nomination of  GOAT when it comes to Dynasty's...but we have a LOT of other great resources.....and Frank and I go back a LONG way in the original forum.  

The Dynasty had been stored in a "Barn" for at least 3 years.  The owners were in a retirement community and no longer physically able to travel in the MH.  Their "caregivers" eventually listed and sold it.  It has around 16K on the clock.  I have not physically seen it and have been doing trouble shooting via phone with the new owner....who is a neighbor of my BIL.  SO HERE GOES

The MH had a Gauge Issue....in that the ACTI speedometer cluster, which has the Front and Rear Air gauges was not working properly.  The Front Air gauge would cycle ON and move all the way to zero...but would not respond.  The initial assumption was that the ACTI cluster had an issue with the Front Transducer.  A known issue as the transducer is part of the the main system and is soldered or rigidly mounted on the PCB control board.  Repeated attempts at finding a replacement failed.  ACTI used to rebuild such, but no longer and has no additional or new parts....circa 2018.  A used "brain" was probably not worth the investment due to the failure occurrences.  No job shop or "We FIX BOARDS" entities were found after an exhaustive Google Search.  So, abandoning the gauges was the best option.

As an aside, some enterprising tech had "jimmied" the brain.  The ALERT alarm or chime was disconnected.  In addition, there was a BIN/DOOR alarm or idiot light on the display....along with the Air Pressure warning icon.  Since the PCB and the Alarm and the Dash displays are all PCB controlled, fixing the alarm would not work....as the Transducer was bad....  The BIN/DOOR light is most likely a faulty switch or perhaps a chafed wire which is grounded.  The ACTI, like the Medallion, typically use GROUNDING as the switched portion.  For the interim...the ACTI is functional....save the two issues.

When the Front Air gauge was not operable, a local OTR shop, that did all the normal engine and routine maintenance had traced the issue to the Transducer....and said..."You got GOOD AIR".  Now, that also needs to be put in context.  He searched for many hours for an elusive air leak.  The Auxiliary Compressor, in the rear, ran all the time....  There never was a good "SWOOSH" when the Air Governor and the Wabco Dryer Purge happened.  NOT GOOD.

Frank suggested some trouble shooting.  The new owner was less than knowledgeable about air systems AND braking....so this was a learning process.  He aired up the coach.  Drained the Front Tank.  Seemingly OK...but no measurement.  He also drained the front "wet tank" that is used to air up the system if there is no air pressure and the parking brake needs to be relased. NO MOISTURE from each.  GOOD.

Now the Back Tank.  The drain for it was in the engine compartment.  There is NO drain for the reservoir of the Auxiliary compressor....more on that....later.  SO, air it UP.  Then the intent was to drain the tank....and then go up front and see if the gauge read ZERO and the Alarm went off.  OPPS, the rear tank spewed water.  Just how much....DO NOT know.  hard to estimate.  It did release water for at least 15 - 30 seconds.  A quart or a gallon or more?  No real info or way to estimate. The gauge did read zero but NO alarm.  That confirmed the alarm chime was CUT OFF.

Frank then had a theory.  There were TWO different, IIRC, types of Auxiliary compressors.  One was a conventional one with a reservoir and a drain pet cock.  The other was a compressor that had a dryer on it.  Not sure what kind and what maintenance and such....  BUT the absence of a drain line indicated a dryer type of unit.  IF these compressors fail or the dryer doesn't work....BINGO, you fill up the back tank.  OK....that explains the water.  

The owner also reported that the Valid Leveling system would not auto level.  The rear worked...but the front did not.  We dug further.  The folks selling the unit had had a NEW Valid control module (maybe valves....not sure) installed in Greenville, SC prior to sale.  It was NOT working properly.  However, the Travel Mode seemed to be OK.  SO, further trouble shooting.  Aired up the System.  Then let it sit for an hour.  Then still had good air pressure when the front tank was drained.  Based on the FMVSS, the rate of leakage from an assumed 120 PSI should be no more than 2 PSI per minute.  OK....got air pressure after an hour.  This was repeated for 2 and 4 hours.  STILL got a good HISS from the front bleed drain.  Probably OK.  The owner then left if for a few days....STILL sounded the same.  SO, the Front system is OK.

At that point, I tried to find a dual readout Digital gauge with alarm. TelTek is the leading "hit" when you google and is highly rated.  The tech did not understand that we needed a 125 or or more dual readout....and recommended their Tractor & Trailer gauge....which has a max of 99 PSI.  That was an OPPS....but I also had the owner order two 60 PSI alarm switches and a BUZZER.  Simple circuit.

The owner winters for a short period in Florida.  He decided to get this this FIXED.  Recommended Josams and Barry (Shop Manager).  He went down a week ago.  Had an incident, unrelated, where the wiper arm on the driver's side got pinned or had too much drag and sheared or reamed out the splines in the arm.  Lazy Days was the choice....  Barry started work on it last Monday (a week ago).  The isolated the compressor.  OPPS BAD.  New one on order. It is located, per the owner, above the Curbside Rear drive axle. Both tires came off....while it was in the "pit" area and was jacked up (safely of course).  Then you could get to it.  The individual that did the maintenace had tried to find the air leak...but it was in the compressor and it was totally out of sight and also impossible, said the owner, to bubble test. Keith was the Tech. He does all the Monaco work and is known to some folks here.  He spoke highly of the site and the knowledge of the posters.

OK....this past week, the new compressor came in.  Fixed everything.  The Air Governor works and there is plenty of pressure.  The dual Gauge display was installed (it has a mounting plate and is only a 2 1/4" gauge.  Power for the gauge transducer assembly (phone line to the gauge) came from the Radio Power which also powered the alarm circuit.  ALL IS WELL.  Have a readout and an alarm. BTW....the Owner will get an Automotive T QD fitting and put on a 150 PSI gauge.  He can THEN, using the front Wet Tank port, check the pressure and also the air governor.  Josams said it was "Fine" based on their tests and knowledge.  BUT, still, numbers are good.  

Next up was the Valid Leveling.  Originally Keith though the solenoids (6?) up front were bad....so, the ordered new ones.  They were overnighted in.  Then, upon further troubleshooting.....the solenoids were found to be OK.  In addition, Josams checked the whole system for signs of water or corrosion....as well as the brakes.  LOOKS FINE.  So the moisture did not migrate or there was not enough to cause any obvious signs.  GREAT!  Keith was perplexed and frustrated.  He spent a few hours trying to trouble shoot and ascertain the issues.  THEN, he got out his most valuable tool....his CELL PHONE.  Valid spent 10 -15 minutes with him.  They walked him through a COMPLETE reset or shutdown and boot up of the system.  VIOLA!  The Valid now levels.  The level was FINE....or OK which is good.  The Travel Mode Ride Height was good.  The Valid will level in auto or manual.  So, all systems GO.

He left around noon today and was in Tampa waiting for Lazy Days to replace the wiper arm.  

Mission accomplished.  I learned a lot as the intermediary.....and I had diagnosed a lot of the issues.  Frank's input was a God send.  He diagnosed it after the moisture came from the rear tank and there was no bleed for the Auxiliary compressor (common to 2007....in 2008, Monaco went with the reservoir style unit and a bleed for the Auxiliary tank leveling compressor.

The owner is ecstatic.  He now had a much broader understanding of the unit....and is fixing little minor problems....like the main TV's Coaxial cable nipple being dislodged from the PCB inside the TV.  Oh well.....keeps him busy...

Thought this might be of interest.  It is probably Same Old - Same Old for many...but might be of interest to those with a 2007 Dynasty (or higher) as well as those who follow the threads....

We will be welcoming the owner to our group....he has been a bit busy lately....

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