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New Feature - “Mark as Solved”

Scotty Hutto

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We’ve added a new feature to the website that allows the original poster of a question to mark it as “solved”.

When marked as solved, you can easily search for and find the solution identified by the original poster. This may be helpful, as some threads evolve to several pages, and sometimes the discussion continues long after the solution is found. 

Special thanks to Gary Willis @NGADawgs for pointing out the availability of this feature. 

To see example of a thread marked as solved, see the following post…


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2 hours ago, cbr046 said:

Took me awhile to see the green SOLUTION button . . . . but didn't see how someone would add it.  Is this a moderator function?

- bob

Where are you seeing a green solution button?   I just got a green check, a green star, and green solution on my post in dash air cond.   I don't know where it came from or who put them on there, but thanks, I guess.

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