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Refresh of Steps


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Still in the process of learning our new to us rig and we have begun to make some Mods to make her more ours!20220926_142452.thumb.jpg.12abb88580c5c333870e367d81eb4583.jpg Steps were looking old, tired black paint and non skid had seen better days.

New paint and rubber step treads and an updated welcome to our door!

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21 hours ago, Wildwood said:


Amazon tried several different versions and these fit the best unfortunately have 4 left over...


Now if I could only get all the fine scratches off the stainless, looks like someone used a scruffy on them...

FYI, its raining here today and they are not slippery...

Try some 0000 steel wool and mother’s metal polish, then take the polish off with a microfiber cloth with corn starch on it may have to do several times but should take it out

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