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Throttle position sensor

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08 Monaco Dynasty Renaissance 

Hey everyone,  I have posted about this a couple times on other sites and still have not solved my problem. My TPS (throttle position sensor) went bad and we have to replace the intire assembly. I have found and downloaded the electrical schematics 279 pages which is great to have but it does not include the Accelerator petal circuit. I have called REV they gave me the part number and original manufacturer but that company sold it to a few more companies and is no longer available and supported. The shop that's its in has tried a few newer Accelerator petal assemblies with the same plugs but they aren't working correctly and throw codes as shown on the first picture. I have called as well as the shop that has the coach so many companies and all dead ends.  Please help I can't be the only one that has,had this problem.  I have tried IRV2, searched this page as well as Bill D Monacoers.org  and nothing new to help. All advice is very much appreciated. 


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Who manufactured your original throttle assembly?

Was it Kongsberg?

What engine is in your coach?  The reason I ask is the throttle position sensor must communicate with the engine ECM.

Do you still have the original throttle position sensor?  If so, don't let it out of your sight!

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The schematic for the throttle position sensor is available through Cummins Quickserve.  Here is a screenshot for your 08 dynasty with a CM2150 ISL.

The Electronic Control Module OEM connection wiring is what Monaco installed following the Cummins schematic.

The throttle position sensor is not plug and play.  I assume that the sensors tried met the resistance requirements from Cummins for full throttle and no throttle positions and resistance through the rest of the throttle range.  In addition each new TPS must be calibrated to the ECM before it will work.


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I had to replace my Kongsburg sensor. Not sure if yours is the same. Bought mine off EBay. Even bought a spare.D2A33470-9198-4C9A-83F9-15C43D4D247E.thumb.jpeg.f514f7512e5b66136350c6af8431c182.jpeg

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