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Fixed my RVA Jacks

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Thanks for the write up, I'll keep in the back of my endless brain. 

I didn't see where the O-ring was in the wrong place, is it shown in one of the pictures.


Last year I notice some drips under the pump unit and spent a couple hours cleaning using the purple cleaner.  Not easy to do with it still in place but got it pretty clean.  So far I haven't seen any more problem.  But If I have any problems in the future it might be worth pulling the manifold off like you did and just going through it. 

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Ya know its funny, for the last few months i have been helping a friend that has a shop trying to get started repairing MoHo instead of old hot rods, an i have noticed a few rv’s with leaks like your talking about, i had often thought it would be a fun undertaking to disassemble one to see what makes them tick an figure out a way to repair them. Were the o rings part of a kit? Or just general size ones? You said you used a ultrasonic cleaner, was it for the outside or were the insides sludged up?

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