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Tragic Death & Reminder


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I just got a message from a friend of mine telling me about an owner who was crushed to death under his Dynasty.

I do not know the full particulars of the accident so I am not going to arm chair quarterback or try and surmise what happened.

I did not know the owners but my friend owned the 2015 Dynasty previously and I inspected it at the gathering in 2019 and was helping them chase a leak.

Mark traded it in on a Prevost recently and the new owner picked it up. While staying at a campground they developed an electrical issue

so the guy climbed underneath. The auto leveling dumped its air and the coach crushed him to death.

The point of this post is to remind people that on coaches with auto leveling you have no business being under your coach unless you know

the safety procedures for dealing with the auto leveling system. The big coaches with auto leveling like the Dynastys, Exec's and Sigs have very little ground clearance

underneath to begin with and if that air dumps you WILL get crushed. Stay the hell out from under your coaches unless you know what you are doing and have taken neccessary

safety precautions.

The wife and family of this gentleman will remain in my prayers. 

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So sorry to hear this.  My prayers are with the family and friends. 🙏

I have mentioned this in numerous posts, and have even received arguments to the contrary, but it is IMPERATIVE that you NEVER get under any vehicle that is supported by air suspension, or hydraulic jacks.  Whether it has automatic leveling is irrelevant, as a simple line failure can drop the coach to within a few inches of the ground in a second.

ALWAYS use jack stands rated to carry the load.

Please don't make us read of another tragedy such as this.

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31 minutes ago, ken.knutson100 said:

So those of you that use jack stands...what rating do you use? And what kind? And do you use them all the time you’re stationary or just when you have to go underneath it? 

The ones I use are rated, I believe, for 20,000 # per pair.

I use them EVERY time I have to get underneath the coach.  I raise it with the hydraulic leveling jacks, place the stands under the suspension attachment points on the frame, and lower it onto the stands.   While camping, I just use the jacks, unless I need to get underneath.

When the coach is stored at home, I put it on the stands, and retract the hydraulic jacks fully to protect the rams from contamination.  This keeps the coach weight off the tires and airbags.

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That is a sad event.

To answer Ken's question, I carry two pieces of  about 10.5" X 5.5" drill pipe with me.  Any time I get under there I put it in the frame.  I do sometimes put the generator out and quickly scoot into the empty space.  If an air spring blows I'll just be in a cage until rescued; I make sure I have a cell phone with me! 🥴   That being said, I'm a little guy, thin and agile and am not complacent.



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I replaced the solenoid to the step cover. It's found on the firewall in the generator compartment, accessible either from above, through that compartment, or from below. I accessed it through the genset. I was shocked, absolutely shocked, at how fast the coach fell when I disconnected that 1/4" line. I expected the air to expel slowly and the coach to gradually sink but it didn't...BAM! it was down. I'm glad I wasn't underneath. In the past, I've rewired a coach front to rear while propped up on levelers. Now I know better. Please, everyone, spread the word. Jack stands or some other blocking method. Do not be complacent or lazy. It's just not worth it. Imagine that poor wife who had to discover her husband....Prayers......Dennis

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About 12 years ago we were at a Beaver rally and heard a simular story were a tech accidentally knocked an air line loose while he had his head in the front wheel well.

I never even look under the coach unless it is raised up to maximum and the HWH system is off.



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8 hours ago, engine103 said:

Tragic news indeed. Chris, would you mind if I re post in part this information to the iRV2 site. If not I understand.


That is fine. I was going to do that myself but have not had the time so please do go ahead and post it there.

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