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Dash gauge lights

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Have the lights stopped or the gauges themselves?  If it's just the lights, you likely can replace the bulb in them w a new one.  Can you post a pic and let us know?  If it's the gauge, it may be a bad ground or sending wire.  This pic has part of the back of my boost gauge.  There is a black knob (cant see in pic) that you twist and pull out the bulb. 


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Do you have the access panel on your dash above your steering wheel?  If so, lift it up and you  can see the backs of the gauges. You may not need to remove the gauges to change the bulbs.  Look for the light. Mine are black and u twist 90 deg and pull out. If you have to remove the gauge, there are usually 2 brackets that hold them in.  Pull off the 2 nuts, then brackets, then pull gauges out from the front.  Good luck.  

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On my 2008 Diplomat, I replaced the headlight switch and dash lights came on.  Additional benefit and surprise, the toggle switch lights by entry door also came on.  In my case all the dash lights were out.


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