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Norcool Fridge


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Does any one know how to disconnet the ice maker in a norcool fridge.  We have a 1999 Monico , never used ice maker , it never seemed to make ice but now all of a sudden it is making noise like it wants to make ice but again no ice . So I would like to just take it out



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As above, disconnect power and stop water. If you just want to remove it, you should see the six-point screws that hold it and the metal support below it to the back wall. Once you get it all loose, you'll get access to unplug the connector from it. The water fill tube will stay there, it is installed from behind.

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1 hour ago, Terryjean said:

Thanks to all  do i have to pull fridge out to turn off water?

No.  There is a valve in the back of the Norcold.  It is a quarter turn valve that is part of the Monaco plumbing.  Turn it so the handle is 90 deg or perpendicular to the outlet or  where the Norcold is hooked up to it.  I would pull the icemaker 115 VAC line.  If yours is an older model with one AC line, then look for a shutoff switch on the icemaker.  May be a wire to lift up.  


See above.  Google is your friend. Used “Norcold 1200 icemaker shutoff”

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