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2004 Endeavor Water Leak - Tub/Shower combination unit


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On our 2004 holiday rambler endevour we have a huge leak under the shower and it appears to be coming from the faucet area.I have search to find access to the faucet but have found none but there is a tiny access panel at the front but not big enough to get to the faucet.Any ideas

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Yes.  You can turn that branch of the water system off at the Manibloc in your water bay.  They are divided into hot on one side and cold on the other.  

I had to remove a panel inside the adjacent kitchen cabinet to access the back of the shower fixture.  Very tight work.  

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Jeff, do you have a grill cover on the side of the tub? You can take that off and look under the tub and possibly see the leak. Those water and drain lines run along the right wall, under the bed and eventually go to the utility bay. Pull the bottom panel under the drawers before the fridge and see them heading down. Also in the last left side bay where the 50 amp cord and plug are located, on the "ceiling" above, there should be a patched hole that was used to connect the drain line to the tub. You may have to remove the tub's faucet and raise it up to see the water line connections. If the leak is between the faucets and the bedroom wall, you may have to cut the water line in the bedroom, pull it out through the faucet opening, fix the leak or redo the water lines and splice them back together in the bedroom. Like the airplane designer in the movie, Flight of the Phoenix, I have never done this but I have a  plan. My 05 Ambassador is basically the same as the Endevour but a lower priced version without the luxury of the Endevour.  

Take the knobs off of the faucet and remove the nuts that hold it down you should be able to lift the faucet housing. Just like a residential faucet.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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On my executive I had a really bad leak at the shower connection behind the on/off valve. The plastic pex connector had cracked. I had to extend the slide and remove the panel directly behind the shower. Two screws and silicone held the 2 panels in place. 

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19 minutes ago, bonfield said:

Just got a reply from MONACO and they cant help because t was built before they owned them

There is a Post about the problems of our MH and also REV's decisions....

Buried in this is a comment that I made.  Brett Howard was the General Manager of the Wildwood Monaco Warranty and Service center in Wildwood, Florida.  There is not anyone that is more knowledgeable about Monaco issues that he is.  He is also a professional and a great guy.  I talked to him a few times in 2010 as I was making upgrades.  I also reconnected with him earlier this year to help out an owner.

He is the GM of a major Florida RV Sales and Repair center.  He is also a present Monaco (older) owner.  He explained to me that REV has now classified our MH's as "Legacy".  Translated, in case you are not familiar with the LEGACY term in today's internet and venacular.....we is OLD SCHOOL.  Many of the older sites that we frequented have been upgraded for better "Use Friendly" content as well as being easier to integrate the PC and Android and Chrome and Bing and Smart Phones/Tablets into a common architecture.  So, when they advertise NEW and IMPROVED....they mean that the sites work better on ALL platforms....and there is no backroom coding issues or translators.  BUT FOLKS COMPLAIN as the content is different and the pages are different and you have to do different things.....in other words....ADAPT...  SO, many of them have a button.....SWITCH TO THE ABDCDEF Legacy site.  That will eventually go away.

Monaco has told the major repair centers that our MH's are LEGACY classified.  They DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.  In 2018, I barely got info on ride height and such.  It appears that if you provide a VIN # or a Model year....Pre REV (Probably....at least PRE BANKRUPTCY), the screen flashes LEGACY.....and NO INFO.  Now the interesting thing.....REV does STILL stock parts for the older Legacy ones....but you have to know your way around.

There are, to the best of my knowledge, NO PRINTS on Water or such....even in the Monaco pre-bankruptcy period.  BUT, you could call Monaco and even Navistar....before they shut down Oregon....and talk to Jim or others and they would tell you EXACTLY where the pipes were.

My advice is to read the above Thread or topic and get in touch with some dealer that does general repairs with older and more experienced techs.  Unfortunately, that ain't Lazy Days....but some of the smaller ones in Elkhart....but it is a crap shoot as to whether the REV (it used to be there) service center STILL has the expertise.....

That's the way it is....

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50 minutes ago, FishAR said:

I found a 2004brochure and couldn't copy paste the picture of the floorplan, but it looked like this 2002

See the source image

Is this what your unit looks like?

You can google Holiday Rambler Motor Home Manuals.

That will take you to the HR site.  Substitute Monaco and it is the same site....just for Monaco.  You can download the Brochures by year....which has the floorplans....as well as the Owners Manuals.

Good Post.

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14 hours ago, bonfield said:

That is the exact floor plan for ours so you can see the problem of getting to the faucets.Thank you

I'd think there has to be a way to get through the bedroom wall next to the bed to get to that faucet. Pictures of units for sale show the faucet halfway down the long side of the tub on the exterior side. But then you're there and I'm not. I mean, they just can't build something replaceable that you can never touch again, can they?

Although they came close with the backflow preventer for the black tank flush on my Camelot.

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1 hour ago, bonfield said:

The faucet on ours is at the rear of the tub at the bottom edge and it seems it is like a house faucet and the nuts are behind.I dont want to damage the faucet by trying to nscrew from top.

Is it like this or in a different spot?


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42 minutes ago, bonfield said:

Just like that

Looked at the 2 floor plans with the Tub option.  Would be helpful if you added the length and model to your profile.

there has to be a supply line in the floor maybe under the shower or in between the vanity sink and shower.  Gotta be a “T” there somewhere.  Can’t tell from the picture of one like yours where that would be.  The lines are crimped PEX connections.  The faucet looks like a special house model with a poppet valve to feed the shower.  Assuming the shower and tub are a one piece molded, the shower will (probably) have to come out.  Question is, how did Monaco stub in the faucet lines so they could be connected to the supply lines or the “T”.

you also don’t know, I believe, if the connection to the faucet set is the issue or is it a PEX rupture or a crimp or a fitting.  

My advice would be to PM @throgmartinand get a complete picture layout as well as downloading and printing or copying the floor plan from the HR site.  He may know someone that understands the assembly process.  Having an electronic document with pictures and floor plan will allow you to talk to repair shops.  

maybe some local shops have pulled showers….don’t know. But this baffles me….maybe some folks have done floor repair and renovations and know the structure specifics.  I know that Chris Throgmartin’s techs have fixed water leaks and replaced floors.  May be a whole lot simpler than my mind says….

Good Luck.


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The supply lines run along the outer wall. They are covered in the bedroom with a L shaped box and carpet on both sides of the bed, uncovered in the bed. What do you think is in that square enclosure on the floor along the outer wall. Pull the panel at the bottom of the  3 drawers between the wall and refrigerator. That's where they go down to the utility bay. You have to isolate the leak. It's either supply water or shower drainage pipe.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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Is it possible to cut your own access hole?

I know that can be daunting but done carefully it can be hidden or disguised. 

For example, a square hole large enough to comfortably access the faucet repair. The cut-out part won't be perfect but save it and mark it for proper direction.

Then you can glue a couple of thin boards on the inside of the hole. Once cured, small screws can hold the old part in place.

To get a bit more creative, a door skin or whatever material you can gather can be artistically shaped and designed.  Glue that to the piece you cut out and put it in place and use tiny staples to hold the larger cover in place. Of course, you can just discard the cutout piece if needed.

I needed to run some wiring inside and behind my shower wall and managed to accomplish this. 

Often taking your time like this to come up with the better approach really helps. Patience sometimes really pays off. Now hurry up and get that leak fixed. 


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