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DRL Relay Burned up

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No, the RV was parked for 2 months. I was in it asleep and the smoke detector went off. I turned on the vents. I looked for the source. I couldn't find anything. I had all the windows and door open. I could smell it by the door.  It was dark and I looked around and I finally found the burnt up relays. I read that the Hamsar solenoid is prone to burning up. If I would of known I would of pulled it. I don't think it was working because I don't remember the DRL's (day running lights) were not on. For those reading, pull or replace the relay when not driving.

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Where do you live???  I think the DRL was installed to comply with Canadian rules. 

I have the DRL wiring harness but no relay was ever installed. 

When I'm getting ready to leave and going through the checks etc I try the windshield wipers to make sure they work.  This automatically turns on my head lights.  Might be a viable option of you want running lights.

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