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Compartment Door

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I have a compartment door on my 2002 Windsor PKDD that has come loose from the aluminum frame. It appears that it was held together by some type of adhesive or tape. It is a very thin layer holding it together. 

Does anyone know how these were put together? I am contemplating some type of glue to make the repair.

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Just now, CaymanXL said:

Perhaps 3M VHB Tape. it comes in many widths and thickness. 

3 m vhb tape on ebay

Amazon is my source for the VHB 3M.  If you pull the specs, the clear is stronger than the black “auto decal” variety.  I use WD40 to soften up old double stick take and remove it….let it soak a little.  Then I use a plastic scraper for the trouble spots.  Wash both mating surfaces and rinse and let dry.  NOW….very careful and cautious, I will take a slightly damp rag with acetone and then finish up.  That removes all the residue.  3M makes a clear primer that detail shops and pin striping folks use.  It is a flash solvent that actually gives the paint a little “tackiness”.  Again…Acetone is powerful, so don’t pour it on.  Rubbing alcohol might work.  The reason is that any or the slightest residue from the old tape, on either surface will impact the strength of the bond.  I have used this technique on partD and gaskets and many different kinds of bonds with great results.

Amazon has the clear in different widths and lengths,

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Tape is the way to go about reattaching the skin. I didn't remove my door I just worked on it in place, the top was still attached.  Whichever way you do it it's important that you reassemble it flat, it's possible to end up with the door cocked, skewed or warped and then it will not close flat like it should.  :classic_ohmy:

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