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2009 Patriot Thunder Slide partition broken & issues

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The last time the passenger slide went out this happened...( see pics)

No unusual noise when it happened, just broken when slide landed out...

Thinking someone has had to repair this on a later year rig where there is virtually no access to this area unless you are the size of a toddler.

As someone defined it to me its the very thin "roll top desk like piece" that took the beating, it appears that the rolling mechanism has probably failed? Hate to even try to take the "roll top" piece out might never get it back in...but sure open to suggestions from others who's may have failed.



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Mine did the same. Somehow the wood roll got stuck and all of a sudden I hear this ripping sound. I put the broke piece back together and went to Ace Hardware and bought a 2" aluminum flat strip. Cut it in half and put on both sides of the end of the roll. I drilled  staggered holes and used interior binding post screws to bind together because you don't want anything to "grab" or snag on cables or wiring. Ended up costing me about 20 bucks?  Good luck....20221021_201659.thumb.jpg.37d68ae24f2346ec0ac3a33324289a08.jpg

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Thanks, we are in the process of rebuilding the broken pieces...

When we discovered ours the, it was so broken that we cant tell what the "door" hooked to for pulling it back and forth, we have the two carabiners with the wire between?

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Yes, two little wires hooked to carabiners attached directly to the wood. Any little snag would break the wood. That's why I added the metal strips so the wires have a little "meat" to hold onto and it spreads out the stress. I used zip ties on the ends of the wires so that will be the weakest point if it ever binds up again.....

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To fix this properly you need to remove the cabinet with the drawers.  Remove the three drawer and you will find the screws holding it in place.  Careful to remove the rope lights attached to the bottom of the cabinet.   This will give you plenty of access to determine where your failure occurred and to correctly repair.    I had a failure of the the 2 inch flexible PVC line on my coach so I’m intimately familiar with this area. 

My sliding door was cabled around the utility line.  You need to make sure you dont leave enough slack that the door comes out of the guides when the slide closes.  This was my mistake after the PVC repair.

Don’t have any pictures of the door and  cable, however these may help you understand the access you achieve after removing the cabinet. 

Be glad to answer any additional questions. 




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2 hours ago, Chuck B 2004 Windsor said:

I would be concerned about the white drain hose.  After years of use, it will develop leaks.  There are posts about this at least a couple times a year.

Yes, the original hose is too. Short and develops a kink at the top connection when the slide is in. This will eventually crack.  I lengthened my hose by 5 inches, still too short, is kinking a bit.  Hopefully get another 10 years out of it.  I would make it about 810 inches longer.  Need to make sure you have space when the slide is in, 



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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2009 Patriot Thunder Slide partition broken & issues
1 hour ago, Wildwood said:


as well as one of the $30 - $50 flexible LED lighten probe cameras that are WiFi linked to a PC, Phone or Table.  I use my iPad as it has a larger screen.  INVALUABLE....especially for those pesky PN's on the OTHER side of something bolted down.

Good Luck

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My white spa hose broke at the top adapter fitting. It was only supported to the trolley on one end. A friend, BigSkyBob, alerted me to problem on his. So, I bought all the parts and stowed them with the rest of my onboard spare parts.  Yup, three months later my kitchen drain starts dripping while at Catalina SP, Tucson.  Three hours later it was all better.

I added support straps to help reduce the stress at the where it failed. Bob K’s has supports on the right where they can do some good.
So, when redoing the kitchen sink drain, support the ABS pipe, the coupling and the spa hose all along the trolley.





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On 10/22/2022 at 12:19 PM, LakeBob said:

The extra support straps should really help.  I need to add some to mine next time I need to get into that space. 


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