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Chevrolet Traverse Towing

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I have purchased a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse and will be dingy towing it behind my 2006 Windsor.  The new Traverse is different than other vehicles I have towed (including the 2012 Enclave it replaces), and the owners manual is about as clear as mud when it comes to RV towing.  I have contacted the dealership, and the service manager looked to determine what fuses must be pulled for towing because of the lack of clarity.  Chevrolet has issued a service bulletin just to cover that question on confusion for dingy towing.   That follows as a FYI.

Involved Region or Country

North America


A customer may inquire which fuse to remove when preparing the vehicle for dinghy towing.


The information printed in the Owner Manual is incorrect.


It is not necessary to remove any fuses when dinghy towing the vehicle.”


My next question needing clarity on the manual was how do you place the transmission into the tow mode.  The Service Manager was unable to help here and again the manual is as clear as mud.  For those unfamiliar with the new 9 speed transmission, there is a button to push under the shifter boot cover.  You peel that cover back and press the button.  Simple...No.   If anyone out there have the Traverse or similar transmission, what is the procedure?

*Do you run the engine? or do it with the ignition off?  

*Do you do it in park? or are they assuming you are connected to the motorhome and will not roll?

*Do you set the ignition in ACC or in off after pushing the transmission buttion?

*Do you put  the shifter in neutral?

Lastly, how do you get it back out of tow mode?       Help would be greatly appreciated.  The Roadmaster base plate will be installed in a couple of weeks.

Rich Cutler, '06 Windsor  will be towing a 2020 Traverse FWD



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