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City Water and Water Fill Transfer Valve replacement


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I have A Watts  0543 fill valve has started to fail full shut off. In that it continues to allow water to fill the on board tank when connected to city water.  Watts has resoponded that it was made for RV mfg. and is no longer available and no replacement is available. My question is if anyone has had to replace this and what did you use. I do have a recommendation from Dr4Film, thank you! It looks nice, but I would really like to use the existing configuration if at all possible. Just throwing it out there to see if anyone has a good parts supplier.


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Still looking for the best fit. Glad it is not urgent.

I thought I had a perfect fit part, ordered it waited 10 days and it arrived, only to have a warning label "do not use for potable water".  I do not drink any of the water but I do use it to cook.  So I am on the hunt again. Also, the company rep made a comment they do not make parts for motorhomes. It is just plumbing... just someone looking to get done with that contact. Not good service in my book.

Apollo was the brand and Bath1 was the provider for the part, advertised through Walmart.

I will up date later,..

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