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Window Latch

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This is mine in my 09 Knight. The windows are made by Atwood. I believe Duncan Systems RV Glass now owns Atwood. But good luck because all my dealings with them for the Atwood line has been Zero.

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22 minutes ago, klcdenver said:

That is the one I am looking for. Thanks for the info.


Followup.  Duncan bought Atwood.  Atwood actually folded or dissolved their Window Division (Department) many years ago.  I talked to the ex Materials Manager for Atwood.  When they folded, she got a job, to stay in Elkhart, with Duncan.  Then they acquired the Window "Operation".  They focused on the REBUILDING.  I do NOT think that they, per her story, ever intended to make replacement windows.  Duncan also also owns a separate "We fix windows" and that is totally different.  The two plants or operations are on the same street....but not interconnected.

She was responsible for getting a new glass vendor for Duncan to make the tempered glass panes or panels to use in repairs. I had my complex driver's side totally reglassed in 2018.  I had a "accident" as in a BB gun or a lawnmower shattered one of my outer panes.  I was fortunate that I was headed to Elkhart as part of our almost ( K trip from NC to the west coast and then back across the upper midwest.  Duncan had all the prints on the windows and sent me the ones for the Camelot.  I did some dimensional checks.  YES.  Ordered the glass.  Took almost 5 weeks, but when the shop finished the other work, they called....BINGO.  Next day.... Fixed and on the way.

Bottom line.... I DO NOT think that Duncan ever got into the fabricated metal side of the replacement.  Duncan reassigned the lady and made her the Czarina of GLASS.  She resourced the glass and had a 4 person crew that did replacement jobs in Elkhart....or she shipped the glass, after inspection there, to one of their remote locations or to a glass shop or a customer.  

They did NOT, I think, do any metal repair.  I never saw any pieces of metal fab equipment nor did they have, seemingly, that skill set.

So, I think that Atwood Fabricated parts for Frames or replacement frames is lost.  There is another company that I posted in June.  RVGlassExperts.  NOW they have morphed.  I looked them up and they had four Service Centers.  Am wracking my brain but there was a company that had 4 centers.  Oregon, Arizona, Indiana and Florida.  BUT now they are "Nationwide.  here is an earlier thread.  Put DUNCAN in the Search and select ANYWHERE.  You will get a lot of hits on broken glass and/or damaged frames.

My only suggestion is to google RV Glass Frame Repair or something like that.  Then get on the phone and be persistent.  I do NOT know if anyone actually stocks or has Duncan parts....  but if you do....then POST.  Frank will add it to the Parts List.


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There is a company that imports RV Windows with supposedly the 2-1/2” radius that Atwood made before radius’s were changed to 3”. They ship out of NC and CA. I’m trying to get to there warehouse in Chino to actually see product. Not sure when though. 

RV-Murts RV Window Replacement 

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