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Running lights flashing

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I have a 2004 Holiday Rambler Navigator DP 45'. When I open or shut the entrance door the running lights flash on and off 4 to 6 times before staying off.

When I kick the step the lights flashed 20 times until I shut the door and they flashed another 4 times. This problem happens with the step switch turned on or off.

Would the step controller have anything to do with this problem or do I have an alarm activated somehow. Thank You Guys for any insight into this matter

Bob Etter 

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On my coach the DRL would flash or go on and off rapidly. I just unplugged the module for them. It's in the front run bay (the one under the driver seat). I don't think they are required and if I wanted them I would just turn on the lights. I haven't had a chance to do any more investigation on mine but guessing the module is bad. Not sure if they are still available or not. Module is circled in blue in the picture. 


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