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Generator/AC outlet/Inverter Help

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I have never needed to use my 7500w Onan generator in my 2002 Dynasty Baroness although I have serviced it and run it occasionally just to run it. Now I think I may come to need it and I realize I don’t understand how it works and can’t find enough in my manual. Would some kind person take the time to explain to me what I describe below means? Thanks in advance!!!

The generator starts up and runs fine. I don’t see any reading on my AC gauges that show shore power when it is running. Should I?

With the generator running, the two AC outlets I tried had no power unless I turned the inverter to “ON”.  The microwave was also off but all the interior lights work with the inverter “OFF”.

Running a space heater with the generator “ON” and the inverter “ON”, the battery % charged level dropped pretty quickly (on the inverter panel) and steadily. When I turn the space heater “OFF”, the battery % charged level came back up pretty quickly with the generator running. 

At no time did the generator speed up or slow down as if under different load conditions. 

Does this sound right? Is the generator operating correctly? Does it seem like my house batteries are in need of replacement?

I am preparing for a trip where we might have to pull over for several hours for road conditions to clear and I don’t want to be without power or heat. (AquaHot runs fine but again, I have never run it without shore power)

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Sounds like your generator is not making power.  Try flipping the breaker that is on the front drivers side of the generator near the start switch OFF then ON.  Ours does this occasionally.

If you have the Intellitec EMS load setting system it should show generator running. 


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Jim J

You wins the kind person award! Nailed it. The breaker was tripped. I reset it and it’s all good now. Thank you very much. I have a bug cover on the front of my rig so sliding the genny out is always a bit of work but well worth it this time. 

Many thanks again for taking the time to respond! Much appreciated!

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