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Ramco Mirror removal

Doug and Nicki

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I have a 2008 Monaco Dynasty with the chrome, three glass Ramco mirrors. I am trying to remove the mirror assembly to get the arms rechromed. I have removed the bolt that is at the base of the arm on the outside of the coach. I have also removed the two set screws at the base of the mirror. Everything is stuck solid. I have put a bit of silicone lubricant in the joints and have tapped with a rubber mallet. Solid and tight, seems there may be some corrosion internally that has frozen things. 

Anyone have a suggestion? When looking inside the generator bay, there are two threaded bolts sticking out. It seems there should be four, but if there are two others, they are above the point of being accessed from the generator bay. I have not taken the nuts off these yet. Was hoping to be able to remove the mirror head first. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Leave the arm bolt in but loose keeping most of threads in and tap on bolt upwards to loosen tapered design. Two people should do this. One holding arm and one driving up bolt.

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What you should do is to spray PB Blaster into the arm at the base a number of times over the course of a day or two. While you are doing that, take the bolt that you removed and go to the local hardware store and purchase a 6 inch long one with the same threads and diameter.

Once the PB Blaster has done its job, screw the 6-inch bolt all the way into the bottom of the base until it stops. Then take a small hand sledge and tap upwards on the head of the bolt while another person is holding the plastic mirror head. It will pop right out of the base.

Then you have to disconnect the harness connectors. Now comes the hard part. That remaining connector may not go through the openings in the coach, etc. You may have to disassemble the connector. It should be a two-piece connector.

Now you can remove the mirror head and arm.  Then remove the plastic cover that goes over the actual base. The metal base is attached to the curved sides of the coach and should be secured with four bolts two of which you can see in the one photo. Possibly the other two could be lag bolts.


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The head on my mirror has 3 grub screws and not just 2. It may be a different design but I would encourage you to check for more screws. 
Removing the arm will require some additional hard effort. I agree with Richard to use PB Blaster. Beating on the longer screw is best to break the arm loose. I did something similar and used a 2x4 right against the base and that worked for me.

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