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Monaco Dynasty norcold 1210 refer too cold


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I have a monaco dynasty with a norcold 1210 refrigerator the freezer keeps everything frozen but the refrigerator is staying at around 31 degrees. I changed the thermometer and the digital readout control but it still keeps the refrigerator at about 31 to 32 degrees any ideas?

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Monaco Dynasty norcold 1210 refer too cold

Unplug the thermistor lead where it goes into the control board and connect an ohm meter.  Have someone hold the thermistor (or dunk it in warm water) and see if the value changes. 

While the thermistor is unplugged the fridge will run full cold.  Conversely, shorting the pins (theoretical, I've never done this) will turn off the boiler (flame or heating elements).  Or you could jumper in a resistor of lesser value.  Not many people have a junk box of resistors or potentiometers. 

I did have a thermistor that changed values.  I fixed it by soldering in a resistor in parallel to alter the base resistance.  It had a narrower range but still worked.  You said you changed the thermometer (thermisitor?) so probably not the issue. 

- bob

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