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Coach Exterior Wall Info Wanted!

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Can anybody tell me if the exterior wall sit on top of constructed floor or do the actually mount to the floor framework instead next to constructed floor. Reason for asking is after 5 days of rain, bed slide side carpet was wet. Had issue in this area before but fixed it. Previous leak was water running down slide seals and not exiting outward because two plastic OEM “drain buckets” were filling up and draining inwards instead of out. Checked those and they were dusty and dry.

But I’m wondering if water that is running down wall is getting into metal frame of the slide hole and going into wall and then to my floor since I do see separation of vertical frame from wall. The pic is at very 3” of bottom of slide metal frame. Have caulking on order but may not get to me by the time we leave for holidays. So I will be covering coach till we get back home in January. Hoping the RV cover works. Plan on selling coach next year so don’t need any bad issues.

 I assume walls must be placed on top of floor but I’m only assuming. Thanks for any input.

Oh and my flush floor slide has same issue but no water intrusion. I will post later about why do I have to push  in on wall to squeeze caulk in between to seal. 


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I had water infiltration on the main slide out and had to remove the floor and replace it with a waterproof plywood.  I don't know if this is helpful to you, but I found that on the slide outs, it is screwed in from the bottom through the plywood and up into the steel frame of the slide out walls. The rest of the flooring seems to but up against the walls. However your coach construction may be different.


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