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Wiper arm leak

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My wiper arms look like they are not attached correctly. I can see daylight from the inside of the generator compartment so water is getting inside. It has start to rot the dashboard wood form underneath a little in that spot. Is there some sort of rubber washer that is missing?  Also is there a cover for the nut that holds on the wiper? I am getting the front painted and want to get this fixed. 



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image.thumb.jpg.8a02c7329c8d3f5d28eddad1edc3a41a.jpgMaybe missing this?


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I had my driver's side wiper arm shaft on my Dynasty looking not so good, so I removed the arm with a wiper arm removal tool them purchased a Stainless-Steel Fender Washer that fit over the shaft and tightened it down. The covers are probably available at one of the wiper parts vendors listed in the Monacoers Parts List.

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