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Electronic component identification

Ivan K
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Does anyone here know what are the orange-white components in my picture? I had a mouse in HWH leveling controller box and it really liked the yellow/white twisted pair. I will replace the wire sections tomorrow but curious to know what are they called and what could have possible shorting of the pair cause. I already isolated them but wiggling the wires still makes the touch pad lights go crazy, so there is more to it. Thanks.

The pair terminates in eprom proximity, maybe a power filter or regulator, no clue right now...



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Nothing really special I suspect. I have never seen any components added to a connector such as that. I do not know the name of the connector although I have plugged and unplugged those types thousands of times. Maybe tens of thousands. 

In an emergency you could tack solder the wires to the terminals. Cut the connector off, tin the wire, heat it and the pin. Shrink wrap placed on the wire before soldering will give you a good insulation. If you have to remove the board at some time, just cut and butt the wires or add your own connector. 

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To close this off, I replaced the damaged wire section but it wasn't the real problem. It turned out that the intermittent connection was is the connector itself (now that I know what it is 🙂. I guess the rodent pulled on it enough to get it loose inside. Really a simple fix cutting and pushing in a fresh wire end. Thanks again! Saved time and $$, per HWH service manual it looked like a bad microprocessor. Maybe this will help someone down the road too.


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